If you are interested in a workshop, Nicole can customize a climate art workshop for your group. She will share techniques on how to take a complicated climate concept into a simple visual. It is a relaxing way to host a team-building workshop on Zoom or in person that encourages people to pause from their normal routine, and de-stress while integrating key concepts about climate.

This workshop can be helpful for anyone in the climate ecosystem to start thinking about how to communicate more effectively on their website, social media, and general marketing. ​

  • Customized curriculum

    Nicole previously co-founded an after school program to teach kids how to code. She has 5+ years experience teaching kids and adults of all ages.

  • In-person or Zoom workshops

    Nicole works with groups in person or over zoom. Her typical in person group size is around 15-30 and online she can host up to 300 people.

  • Great for all ages

    Nicole has taught workshops at Harvard, American University, The Climate Museum, and with startups from all over the country.

Typical Agenda:

​-5 minute buffer 
​- 10 minute warm up sketching in breakout rooms
- ​30 minutes of drawing
- ​10-15 minute open discussion about the related topic or Q&A with Nicole

​​Materials: a pencil, eraser, and any paints/colored pencils/crayons if you have them. No prior art experience required.